Serious Gaming – Serious Prizes – Serious Fun

Sponsor Guideline

Lan Gaming – Garden Route has been running Lans on a regular basis for the last 6 years. The aim of Lan Gaming is to promote and support pc and console gaming in the Garden Route by staging regular Lans at the George civic centre where we create a safe environment  for gamers to compete and socialise.
All the proceeds from these events gets ploughed back into improving the gaming experience for the gamers themselves and the members of the Lan Gaming team are all volunteers and do not benefit financially at all.
The venue is professionally set up so that each gamer has a lan access point and power point as well as access to the internet at every Lan.  A tuck shop is set up for each Lan and burgers are made on site to keep the gamers well fed.
The Lan Gaming team is made up of 8 volunteers who dedicate their time and IT expertise to ensure that each Lan runs smoothly and that the gamers have the best gaming experience we have to offer. Tech support (the ‘medics’) is available at each Lan assisting the gamers with pc issues.

We would like to see the Lans develop to the point where sponsors can set up mini expos at the Lans where they are able to advertise, sell and demonstrate their goods to the gamers.

The Lan Gaming team does all it can to live up to our slogan; Serious Gaming, Serious Prizes, Serious Fun



Venue Hire: Hire of venue @ R1060 per Lan. There are 5 Lans per year.
Advertising: We are open to the sponsors organising the advertising of the Lans through various forms of media.
As a guideline, it costs R3700 for an A5 advert in the local newspaper per week.
Main Prizes: These are prizes to be given to the overall winners of the Lans at the end of the year. Overall value of prizes for the teams is R5000 and for single players, R2250.
Prizes for the winners at each Lan: Value of prizes for winners of individual Lans through the year is R2000.
Sponsoring of equipment: Equipment such as switches and servers.


  1. Name of sponsor, logo and contact number is used in all advertising. Website (banner on homepage and on sponsor page),on Posters that get distributed before each LAN, Facebook Group, and local newspaper where applicable and mention on other social media sites where we advertise the LAN
  2. PowerPoint /Video presentation, done at the LAN
  3. Banner / pamphlets of sponsor used at LAN
  4. Presentation / display area for sponsor where applicable
  5. 4 x A3 Posters advertising sponsor put up at LAN… 1x Poster will be displayed at the registration point



Printing of posters: All our posters are designed in house and are distributed to locations in George and surrounding areas including  Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay.  The cost of printing the posters is R300.
Spot Prizes: 10 or more spot prizes (vouchers, memory sticks, etc.) to be handed out at each LAN.


  1. Advertised on the sponsor page of website
  2. Logo on LAN Posters
  3. 2 x A3 Posters advertising sponsor at LAN



Advertising: done at sponsor’s business premises (LAN poster prominently displayed).
Spot Prizes: (up to 10) to be handed out at LAN.
Donation: R100 per LAN towards advertising and setup expenses.


  1. Advertised on sponsor page of website
  2. Logo on LAN posters


Please note that the sponsor guide is just a guideline for prospective sponsors and we are open to suggestions and creative ways of making the Lans more attractive and fun for the gamers of the Garden Route.
Thank you for your support.


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